With Just One Tweet, Zomato Got Its Customers To Stop And Notice These Hilarious Ads

If you are a foodie, there are chances you are in a full-time relationship with Zomato. The online food delivery website has changed the way India eats, literally. And what makes them better at their business is the way everything they do is an out of the box idea. Zomato has already been in the headlines for its sassy as ever customer care. Now the business is back with some kickass marketing skills.

Zomato has got a class of its own when it comes to promoting and marketing. Recently, Zomato employee and Twitter celebrity, Akshar Pathak posted a tweet where he mentioned some outdoor advertising ads for Zomato that their team has worked on.

Here are some of the outdoor ads that Zomato has put up!





As Akshar had asked Twitter to help spot Zomato’s other hoardings, Twitter was all game!




While people connected with Zomato’s new ad campaign, some got offended and took to Twitter to complain and point a finger!

Commentator and author Suhel Seth wasn’t very happy with this particular hoarding and called it a ‘shameful’ ad!

And just when we thought Zomato will wrap a serious blanket around, we were once again left stunned! Akshar had the perfect response!

Twitter even helped them get some of the future work done!



Are you looking for a course in management and marketing? Join Zomato for a change!

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