Zara Shoppers Are finding Secret Notes From Unpaid Factory Workers In Newly Bought Clothes

Not all that glitters is gold and our favorite clothing brand ‘Zara’ is living up to this quote at a very literal level. ‘Zara’ is known to be one of the best brands across the globe but looks like they have a side that they don’t want us to know. 


Customers shopping from ‘Zara’ were taken aback when they found unusual hand-written notes sewn into their clothes from workers who claimed to be unpaid by the mega-brand.

The brand has 2,200 stores worldwide and is probably one of the most successful fashion brands but looks like the retailers will have to deal with a new controversy.

According to customers in Istanbul, handwritten notes from Turkish labourers were found in the garments asking shoppers for support. The notes mention about the unpaid wages and harsh labour laws that the fashion brand follows. The notes state that the workers were employed by third-party manufacturer Bravo Tekstil, which reportedly shut overnight, leaving the labourers unpaid.

“I made this item you are going to buy, but I didn’t get paid for it,” the notes read.

This isn’t the first time that the Spanish brand is surrounded by controversy. Prior to this ‘Zara’ got in trouble for causing environmental damage and ripping off young designers. It was also accused of child labour and as well as exploiting Syrian refugees who were as young as 15-years-old.

What do you think of this inhume attitude of the brand that claims to be one the finest fashion brands worldwide? Share your views with us in the comment section!

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