This Young Indian Singer Can Sing In The Voices Of 30 Singers. No Kidding.

Instead of making the likes of Dhinchak Pooja an internet sensation, we should be throwing our weight (and our share of cyber space) behind some real talent. One such talent is Aksh Baghla. He is an Indian singer, who is already making waves on Youtube. But if you haven’t seen him perform yet, now would be a good time to do so.

For the uninitiated, Aksh Baghla is a Youtuber, who makes song covers. But what really sets him apart is the fact that he actually mimics the voice of the actual singer. Till now, Aksh has mimicked the voice of 30 Indian and international singers. And his mimicry is so good, that you won’t be able to figure out whether its the original singer, or Aksh singing a particular song.

You need to hear it, to believe it. Come on guys, let’s make this guy go viral.

Here’s him singing in the voice of 30 singers-

We won’t blame you, if you become a fan of the guy!

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