These People Had Just One Job And They FAILED Miserably At It!

To err is human. To err miserably is a machine. Let’s see who screwed up better at their jobs, especially when they just had one single job to do.

Manufacturing defects in objects are not that uncommon. Everyone makes mistakes after all.  These ones by machines and some really absent minded workers prove that logic is truly underrated.

Here are some horrendous mistakes made by people who just had one job – to do it right!

1.This all-in-one shorts and sweatshirt is why we go to malls.

you had one job

2. That’s four more sinks than the toilet. 

you had one job

3.No wonder the trains derail!

you had one job train

4.Paani Paani Re

you had one job storm drain

5. Let’s go to this movie where everyone has a drink and flings off tall buildings

you had one job

6.Me every Monday.

you had one job

7.This surely has to be a criminal offense! 
you had one job

8.Umm…Superman left something behind.

you had one job

9.So clumsy that railings are your life support

you had one job

10.It is beautiful when your efforts pay off

you had one job

11. Let’s make some cuts they said.

you had one job

12.The easiest way to get rid of kids.

you had one job

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