10 Of The World’s Toughest Exams All Of Us Would Collectively Fail At

Exams are great right?



No they’re not.

But they’re required to know just how many useless details children can cram into their tiny heads. Because god knows, we can’t just give kids a vocational education and be done with it. No. We insist on making them memorize the capitals of random places and they give them stars for not mixing them up.

But not even an intimate knowledge of the different types of trees that are found in Rajasthan will help you out with these exams.

#1  Union Public Service Exam (India)


The examinations that come under the UPSC are responsible for filling in positions in Forestry, Civil and Medical services. The National Defence Academy and Central Armed Police forces also recruit candidates through these competitive exams.

#2 Gaokao (China)


The Chinese do not take things lightly.

The Gaokao is the entrance test that students typically take at the end of their schooling and only about 0.2 percent make it into the country’s top colleges. The test is conducted over 9 hours and two days. The results are so important that a family reportedly didn’t tell a girl her father died so she could focus on her exam.

#3 Mensa (Global)


Are you a genius? Probably not.

But in the case you might be, you might want to give Mensa a swing.

Each country has their own Mensa society, but they have no age bar. In fact, two-year-old has cleared the exam. Feeling as pointless as we are right about now?

#4 Master Sommelier Diploma Exam (United Kingdom)


Do you want to sit around for hours and drink wine for hours?

Then you might want to try this one. Except there are literally two hundred people who have ever passed. There are three sections to the exam, theory, service and blind tasting. Which means gargling and spitting out wine for hours till you figure out which wine comes from which place and in which year.

So you can’t even get sloshed when you eventually fail.

#5 C.A. (India)


A source of many free-flowing tears and overpaid 30-year-olds. The CA examination is one of India’s toughest and has 3 levels of examination which many candidates only pass after multiple tries.

#6 All Souls Prize Fellowship Examination (United Kingdom)


They pick two people.


The examination is open to Oxford University students and has very strict criteria for applications where 2 out of 50 make the necessary cut. The high flying world of academics isn’t easy for everyone after all.

#7 IIT-JEE (India)


Here it is.

That one.

The examination we have to thank for 3 Idiot’s script and AIB’s career. Okay nnot exactly, but the imfamous test that determines the future of IIT hopefuls holds its place firmly in the nightmares of Indian students.

#8 C.F.A (Global)


The Chartered Financial Analyst examination isn’t one to be taken lightly. the test has been labelled as the most challenging in the world by Wall Street and conducts examinations in over 170 cities with around 100,000 candidates.

Each year the candidature increases exponentially even though many question how far a brilliant result can possibly take you.

#9 C.C.I.E. (Cisco Recruitment)

Cisco doesn’t let anyone walk through, do they?

The test is conducted to select the Internet solutions experts in their organisation and it’s a gruelling 8 hour practical. The test has 2 phases and a sparse 1% clearance rate.

#10 L.N.A.T. (United Kingdom)

The test is a filter to select the best and brightest for UK’s top law colleges. It was started in 2004 for domestic students but currently, it also applies to foreign students.

The exam takes place over 2 hours, 15 minutes and contains 1 essay question along with 42 MCQs.

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