10 Of The World’s Strangest Religions You Rarely Ever Hear About

Believing in God is fairly harmless, as long as it’s done with the knowledge that other people probably believe in a different one.

But there are some faiths so far off left field that one can’t help take a second look.

#1 The Church Of Euthanasia


Euthanasia is the medical practice involving assisted voluntary suicide. Taking a cue from there, the Church’s practises involve reducing the human population to balance it out with the rest of the world’s species.

The Church’s philosophy is highlighted best with their slogan “Save The Planet, Kill Yourself”.
But population reduction is prescribed only through voluntary execution of the four pillar – suicide, abortion, cannibalism of the dead and sodomy or any sexual practices not intended to reproduce.

#2 Creativity


The word “creativity” brings to mind generally pleasing images involving liberals and art and solutions and such.

The religion is anything but. In fact, they’re a white separatist, anti-Christian, anti-Semitist group with roots in atheism. Parts of their doctrine also include waging Holy War against people of colour and minorities to ensure the survival of whites.

Founded by Ben Klassen in 1973, it almost died out after his death. It was revived later as “Church of the Creator”.

#3 Panawave


Panawave is a religion based in Japan which was founded in 1977. In the 1980’s, members of the group called the “scientific faction” began to espouse that electromagnetic waves are responsible for all the climate change and environmental destruction in the world. Members even began to dress in white to protect themselves from the electromagnetic waves in the environment.

The group gained international notoriety in 2003 when they tried to kidnap an Arctic seal named Tama-chan from a river in Tokyo. The seal was a bit of a national celebrity when he first appeared in the river and the group believed if they returned him to the Arctic, they could avoid climate change and the end of the world.

#4 Raelism


The religion was founded by a French automobile journalist named Claude Vorilhon. He based it on his own experiences with alien encounters and the knowledge they gave him regarding all major world religions.

According to Raelism, all life on earth was created by extraterrestrial beings who purposely tricked humanity into thinking that they were angels and gods. The religion preaches that if humanity becomes self-aware and non-violent enough, the extra-terrestrial creators will return to them, apparently in the year 2025.

Their belief allows for liberal worldviews including sex-positivity and backing the rights of LGBT communities. They’re also pro-cloning and keen to develop technology that would allow for rapid growth of humans to adulthood.

#5 The Prince Philip Movement


Queen Elizabeth and her consort, Prince Philip are international celebrities. But not even the most devoted royalists would claim them to be Gods.

Except for this community in the Yaohnanen region who sincerely think that Prince Philip is a divine being. Their legends speak of a mountain spirit who travelled far across the sea to marry a powerful woman and then return to the island. And this divine son is the Prince himself. Their beliefs were made true when the Royal Couple visited their island in 1974.

The tribe even celebrates the Prince’s birthday as a full-blown holiday.

#6 Thee Temple of Psychick Youth

Founded in 1981 by members of Psychic TV, they believe in magical concepts to unlock the mysticism of the human brain. Believers in “guiltless sexuality”, they encourage their members to make magical signs on the 23rd hour of the 23rd day of each month.
Apparently, they even have some reasoning behind the atrocious spelling in their religion’s name. They believe in the subversion of traditional means of communication to improve an understanding of themselves.

#7 Scientology


Probably the best known on this list, Scientology is the controversial brainchild of author L. Ron Hubbard. It began initially as a self-help system called Dianetics. Members of Scientology progress through multiple levels to receive different levels of enlightenment. These levels that often involve members having to financially contribute to the religion, from where the majority of the religion’s criticism stems.

Using pseudo-scientific methods, Scientology actually discourages blind faith and encourages members to think about how the religion’s teachings can practically affect their lives.

#8 Universe People


If y0u think their name sounds a little made-up, they are alternatively called “Cosmic People of Light Powers”.

It is a UFO-based organisation whose beliefs are focused on Ivo Benda, a person who apparently communicates regularly with extra-terrestrial beings. Their belief is that there are spaceships that surround earth led by a deity called Ashtra who is willing to transport good followers to another dimension.

They tend to distrust modern technology, blaming media as a tool used to manipulate and control people on earth.

#9 Bullet Baba And His Motorcycle


India loves its bikes, that’s an irrefutable fact. However, the Om Banna shrine takes this love to another level.

The shrine is in honour of a divine deity who locals believe has taken the form of a 35cc Royal Enfield Bullet. The story behind the bike is this –

In 1991, Om Banna was travelling when he lost control of his motorcycle. He struck a tree and tragically died. The motorbike was taken to a police station, however, after one night it was found once again at the scene of the accident.

This apparently happened multiple times till the locals began to worship the bike as a supernatural force.

#10 Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster



If the name wasn’t delightful enough, you should know members of the Church identify as “Pastafarians”.

A parody religion that satirizes mainstream groups, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s only dogma is the rejection of dogma. Their conception of Heaven is one with a beer volcano and a prostitute factory. They also hilariously believe Pirates were divine beings and the original Pastafarians.

Thankfully, unlike the rest on this list. They’re kidding.

Or are they?

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