Considering Losing The Beard? This Is How A Woman You Love Reacts When You Shave Off Your Beard

Women have makeup and men have their beards. The sad thing about makeup is that washes off. So as a woman, you don’t have much of a disguise. Men, on the other hand, have a more durable beard that lasts longer than makeup. They can get away with a different look for years.

If you are a lady dating a dude with a beard, you know it gets awkward when he shaves it off. He looks like a completely different person. And this includes all the important men in your life. I remember as a child, my father rocked a bearded look and honestly, it freaked me out.

Imagine you are in a serious relationship and you wake up to a completely different person the next day. What if the beard was the thing that attracted you to him in the first place and now that there is none, it just feels like a carpet was pulled from under you.

The ladies on Reddit have pretty much the same things to say. And it all started this one woman who sorely missed her SO’s beard.

“For the whole time we’ve been together I have been so attracted to him, both mentally and physically. I love the way he looks, all the little things his face does, everything. Ever since we met, Simon’s always had facial hair, something I’ve thought to be ridiculously hot, which is what I’ve told him almost daily. I often compliment him on things I find attractive about him, but that is probably one of the most frequent physical things.

The other day he decided to shave it all off. Which is a decision that is very much only his to make, he’s fully entitled to govern over his own hair, and I would never have thought to get in the way of that. But without all that hair, his face has completely changed. I don’t even recognize the things about his smile that I used to love.”

Apparently, her dilemma was so relatable that responses poured in. Take a look.










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