Women And AC – A Hate Story. Why Women Feel Colder Than Men When The AC Is On!

If you are a woman, you are aware of your love-hate relationship with the AC. You are reminded of it every day, at work or when you visit a restaurant. You’ve been dissed many times because of your incessant complaints about the AC temperatures.

‘Bring a jacket’ they said! Being at work gets tougher when you sit exactly below the AC vent shivering through the day. But my dear friend, it is not you, it is them!

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You see, science also proves it.

According to a study, women produce less body heat than the men. Women also biologically have less muscle mass and more fat than men. This means if the AC temperature is 20 degrees, women in the office ought to feel colder than most men!

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Another reason why ACs are not really your friend is that they were not made keeping in mind the average body temperature of women!

Researchers say the standard temperatures of commercial buildings around the world are set according to men’s average body temperatures. The core body temperature of men is higher than that of women which helps them to stay warm. Additionally, their metabolism rate is higher than women which helps them burn fat faster and keeps them cozy in colder temperatures. That is why you have been feeling cold and your male colleagues still feel warm!

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Yes, it is unfair and your body is betraying you! Now you know, it is not just you being fussy but your biological makeup is to blame!

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