What Is It With Celebrity Airport Looks And Why The F***k Are People Obsessed With It?

Airport looks, they are everywhere. I mean outside of airports. Obviously. For some reason, Bollywood celebrities think we are obsessed with how they look at airports. Or is it the other way around. *wonders*

There was a time when people dressed in the most comfortable clothes so they can go and have a nap on an airplane. But now? No siree, celebs don’t travel without their Louis Vuitton or Nikes. They are too well put-together, and might as well be walking on the ramp (literally) onto the cameras of the paparazzi.

airport looks
No one looks as Parisienne as she does.

For all this drama, I hope these photographers are getting paid in Mercedes Benz to stand there for hours just to catch a glimpse of a star.

Imagine you standing there for 7 long hours just so you could see the greyish beard of Amitabh Bachchan growing greyer by the minute. Or the random designer dress that Sonam Kapoor wears just as she catches the waft of stench that is so familiar at Indian airports.

airport looks
Anushka Sharma looks pretty annoyed. Like us normal folks to be honest.

It must be so hard to be a celebrity photographer and a star. This proves that sadness is indiscriminate, it does not see a paycheck.

The income disparity can be clearly seen at Indian airports when the celebrities exit the airport in clothes so expensive that it can fund even your grandchild through college!

airport looks
Those are one too many layers for the tropical Indian weather.

Why are celebrities expected to look all prim and proper when they leave the airplane. Why can’t they just seem mildly annoyed like all of us at the inconvenience of traveling?

Is this casual elitism? Is this how camera manufacturers end up selling their products? Who are these fans who need so badly to know how their celebrities walk out of the airports!! WHO ARE THEY!!!

airport looks
Only Aamir Khan is doing it right with that large pillow as his accomplice for a comfortable flight.


Like most things in life, this question too shall be left unanswered.

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