Whatsapp Went Down For 5 Minutes And Nobody Could Keep Their Calm

Well, maybe the world can live without oxygen for some time. But, Whatsapp leaving your hand for 5 minutes is an apocalypse nobody in this generation is prepared for! A few minutes back, Whatsapp went down for around 5 minutes and people lost their calm. Though it was just for 5 minutes, the world went haywire and people on Twitter are making sure Whatsapp remains trending throughout the day! Here are some funny reactions from the web space!

1. Family groups are a huge priority!

2. Maybe, calling is the only option left!

3. As long as Twitter is alive, the world is saved.

4. No more family groups. Peace.

5. Silence.

6. The end is near, folks!

7. Twitter, where art thou?

8. Phew. That was close.

9. Nobody loves me.

10. Disaster Management, on point.

11. Not funny, Mr. Bhagat!

12. LOL.

13. We feel you, bro.

14. Happy realization!

15. That’s all, folks.

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