We’re Having A Sh*t Day At Work. If You Are Too, Here’s 12 Tweets That Should Help

Holy crap, today sucks.

First off, it’s a Thursday. That one whorish day who teases you with the weekend, but unlike Friday, kuch karne hi nahi deti.

Thursday is a waste of time, money and energy and a completely unnecessary buffer that nobody asked for. It’s almost like the day exists solely to irritate the shit out of you as you attempt to crawl past the nightmare that was Monday, the horror that was Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Nothing bad to say about it though, we love Wednesday.

But f**k Thursday. Naturally, all this apathy has made us a little sour for the day, which is why we went to the place where people tend to be as miserable as we are – Twitter.

Needless to say, we struck gold.













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