8 Weird Lays Flavours That Might Just Be Better Than The Iconic Magic Masala

There is and always will be one flavour to rule them all.

Lays Magic Masala is the epitome of everything India can do correctly. We can fry things, cover them in ambiguous orange flavouring and eat them. Magnificent.

But just like Indians enjoy searing their buttholes with spice, other countries enjoy…other things. Which is probably what led them to come up with these weird-ass flavours of the world’s most famous potato chip.

Who knows, they might just surprise us all.

#1 Blueberry, China


China is a weird place. Their palates have clearly evolved way more the rest of the world which is why they can tolerate whatever the hell this. Part of their “Cool and Refreshing” line of chips, Blueberry tops most lists of “WTF were they thinking” chip flavours.

#2 Cucumber, China


Hey look, it’s China again.

This time they looked at a vegetable that tastes like healthy water and thought – this would go great with potatoes.

Apparently, the cucumber goes great with the salty chips, but we’re having a hard time believing that.

#3 Caviar, Russia


Putin, what have you allowed? If there is anything that proves a lasting legacy of Communism in Russia, it’s this.

Caviar – a fancy food of the bourgeoisie being taken over by the humble potato chip – the foodstuff of the proletariat. It’s like a food revolution!

#4 Cappuccino, USA


Ew. No. Stop. America stop it!

If this made it to the finals of USA’s make-your-own Lays Flavour contest, then Trump is not the only monstrosity the country voted for.

#5 Litchi, China


Dammit, China. Not you and your superhuman flavours again.

#6 Milk Chocolate, Canada


Canada, we knew there’s a reason Punjab decided to leave India and head over to you.

Because when you have free healthcare, putting chocolate on a deep-fried piece of potato isn’t really a problem.

#7 Beetroot Soup, Thailand


Beetroots are very much the Rahul Gandhi of vegetables. There is a small group of people who insist on it being great. But most people just think its a vegetable that made it to our plates because of the dynastic influence of carrot and radish.

#8 Pepsi And Chicken, China


So apparently, Cola chicken is a popular dish in China. And since the same people who make Pepsi also make Lays, there’s no reason not to combine the two together.

Unless of course, you fear the wrath of God who in no way would condone this. No way.

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