6 Weird And Amazing Things That Can Happen On Planets Other Than Earth

Earth is great right? As of 2017, scientists determine it to be the only known planet where Butter Chicken exists.


But the wonders of the universe do not end with delicious chunks of chicken marinated and cooked in a tomato gravy. There are many more unexplored and undiscovered corners of the cosmos where weird and amazing things can happen on other planets.

#1  Never Get Home From Work On Venus


Our work cycle relies heavily on the earth’s rotation. We slog at our computers from 9 to 5 and then as the sun makes it’s way home, so do we. This applies to most of us.

But on Venus, the day is longer than the year, which feels like an awfully long time to be stuck in the office. Venus takes 243 earth days to complete its rotation but only 225 earth days to go around the Sun.

Which technically means you could take a leisurely 225 days sick leave, till Venus’ 864 degrees Fahrenheit temperature kills you.

 #2 Fly Around On Fart Moon Titan


Titan is a moon of Saturn which has a fascinating landscape. It has water bodies just like earth does, it has rain just like earth does but if you’re in a mood to visit, don’t. Its temperature is cold enough for water to exist in a rock-like frozen state.

Also, the planet is so rich in natural gas, that it literally rains natural gas on Titan.

But if you’re still not convinced about how cool it is, technically, because of its low gravity and thick atmosphere, you could probably fly there. Strap on a pair of wings and nose plugs and take to the skies on Titan.

#3 You Could Have Two Shadows On Kepler 16b


Planets with two suns have always been present throughout fiction. Tatooine from Star War being the most popular one. But just because our own earth revolves around 1 star, doesn’t mean that every possible planet does.

Kepler 16b is the first known planet to be circumbinary – revolving around two suns. Which is why on it, you’d technically have two shadows, one form each star. But technically, the planet doesn’t have a solid surface, so it might not be in the cards for us.

#4 Never Shed Those Pounds On COROT exo-3b


Before we go on with this article, know that no planet called COROT likes you.

Now that that’s out of the way, COROT exo-3b is pretty fascinating. It’s the size of Jupiter, but with a mass that’s 20 times higher. Which means that whatever you weigh at home after pooping, you weigh almost 50 times that on COROT exo-3b.

Not that you’d ever have to worry about working out here, the pressure would crush your skeleton instantly, leading you to the sweet bliss of the afterlife where all sizes are beautiful.

#5 Deal With Possible Rock Rain On COROT – 7b


Much like the esteemed Katy Perry once said: “You’re hot and you’re cold”.

Corot -7b is pretty much exactly that, like every flaky boyfriend you’ve had to deal with throughout college, it changes its mind about its temperature constantly. The illuminated side of the planet reaches scorching temperatures or reportedly 2600 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, various minerals evaporate forming a rocky atmosphere that rains down magma on the planet’s surface.

But as these clouds rise higher they cool and on the cooler side of the planet, the raining magma cools, forming rocks on its way down.

So burn to death or let the blunt force trauma have its way with you. Your choice.

#6 Mine The Most Epic Engagement Ring Of All Time On 55 Cancri e


55 Cancri e, also known as super earth, was a mystery as scientists were unable to determine whether the planet was a gas giant or a terrestrial planet.

But of the conclusions that have been drawn regarding its nature, the coolest one is that almost a third of the planet could possibly be made of compressed carbon i.e.diamond. So burn to death at its temperature of 2000 degrees Kelvin as you try mining stunning diamonds for the love of your life.

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