Wedding In UP Gets Called Off After Bride’s Family Doesn’t Serve Beef

In a weird incidence of wedding day demands, a wedding in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh got called off when the groom’s family demanded beef dishes to be served at the wedding buffet, and the bride’s family could not manage it.

That is not all, however. Apparently, the groom’s family was even demanding a car as dowry, on the day of the wedding. Since the bride’s family could not fulfill these demands, the wedding was called off.

Cancelled wedding


The funny part is, this is not even the first wedding in Uttar Pradesh that got stood up on the D-Day, due to differences over the food menu. A similar incident also happened in April this year. People of UP are clearly very particular about what they eat in weddings.

“They demanded beef to be served at the wedding and a car. When we denied them both, they called off the wedding. The government has banned beef. How can we serve it?” said the bride’s mother.

The beef ban is affecting people’s lives in a completely unexpected manner.

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