We Bet Our Favorite Actors Did These Movies Only To Mess With Our Heads

We adore Bollywood actors, we do but at times, they mess with our heads.


We love how effortlessly Bollywood movies make our lives better. And they don’t even have to try, they just have to do what they do; act. The number of butterflies that flutter in our stomach when a hero looks at his heroine and sings a song in the corn feilds or even a breakdown scene feels extremely familiar or how nice the friendships are on screen. Bollywood is to blame for all the expectations we have for life and love!

#1 Amitabh BachchanRGV Ki Aag


Why would anyone imagine Sholay like that? Why did Amitabh play the antagonist?

#2 Anushka SharmaJab Harry Met Sejal


We adore her but Sejal was really annoying. No, it wasn’t the accent. It was everything.

#3 Shah Rukh KhanDilwale


This movie is questionable on so many levels. We are not going there.

#4 Deepika PadukoneChandini Chowk To China


A Chinese Deepika Padukone is not as cool as the normal one!

#5 Shahid KapoorShaandar


The entire existence of the movie made us question our existence.

#6 Rani MukherjiAiyya


This comeback film was not the one we wished for.

#7 Ranveer SinghKill Dil


Chi chi bhaiya and Ranveer could have been a blast to see on screen but this was a no-show.

#8 Ranbir Kapoor- Besharam


The talented Kapoor teamed up with his parents for this one. It was a baseless one.

Did we miss any movies that messed with your head? Let us know in the comments section below!

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