The Glorious Moment When Republic TV Wrongly Showed An ABP News Journalist As A Gunda

The Republic TV had a very public goof-up this Tuesday when they were in a hurry to cover a story. The #YuvaHunkarRally in Delhi was a hot story yesterday and one of the Republic TV reporters was on the ground covering the story.

The reporter Shivani Gupta was reportedly heckled and chased by the crowd gathered at the Rally. Republic TV in a hurry to report the news of their journalist being roughened up started pointing fingers at the wrong culprits. They carried out a live coverage by circling the culprits on live television. Only the person that Republic TV pointed out was a fellow journalist from ABP News.

The fellow journalist Jainendra Kumar got unfairly pulled into it when he was just covering the rally just as his colleagues were. The ABP employees started lashing out at Republic TV for not doing their due diligence before covering a live story.

Twitter soon joined the conversation giving their opinion on this goof-up.

This seems to have been a genuine goof-up. Republic TV apologized for the error on their part on live television.

Journalism is India is under a constant radar and with reports of misinformation being perpetuated in the news to incite hatred, it becomes all the more important to pay diligence to the people who deliver our news to us.

Arnab Goswami may not be the epitome of righteous journalism but his reach covers millions of Indians who get informed and to some degree, influenced by his news. That’s why misreporting of facts such as this is immensely problematic in India today.

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