Sehwag Revealed His Favourite Dialogue From Mithun’s Cult Film Gunda, Hundreds Do The Same

The man who gave nightmares to some of the greatest bowlers of the world is, like you and me, a fan of Mithun Chakraborty’s cult masterpiece, Gunda.


Virender Sehwag has been incredibly witty and entertaining on Twitter and we’ve lost count of the times his tweets went viral. However, the latest entry in Sehwag’s Twitter outing is his inclination towards Gunda.

Here’s what Viru paaji did:

And like all of us, Twitter ki jaanta was amazing and amusing at replying.

#1 This had to make it to the list.

#2 Okay, kaafi creepy. But okay.

#3 Seriously, he tells you why he’s killing you. What else do you need?

#4 How to rhyme 101

#5 See what we’re talking about?

#6 Such poetry. Much wow.

#7 Dude, this is how you should remember dates.

#8 Maut ke date was clearly the most important thing in the movie.

#9  Customised dialogue.

Which is your favorite of them all?

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