Virat And Anushka’s Wedding Vows In The Ad Is So Romantic That You Will Simply Go ‘Awww’

I have never been the one who will actually go ‘aww’ but this video made me say so every time I watched it. Remember the time when they were shooting for thee and Virat couldn’t stop looking at herVirat and Anushka are definitely one of the cutest couples of B-town and never fail to make adorable public appearances. Their social media profiles for each other are adorable and it has already set a bar on the guys we should date. 

Well, the shooting was for Manyavar, a clothing brand. Considering a wedding season has dawned, the video places the couple at someone else’s wedding. But the cricketer and Bollywood actress give a whole new meaning to wedding vows in the commercial. They both started guessing what the bride and groom’s vows. But in the most romantic way, they come up with their own. Those are really unconventionals and yet just seem perfect.

The ones they come up with are heart-warmingly romantic. From Virat cooking 15 days a month to Anushka agreeing to eat it without complaining about it; she promises to keep all his passwords protected and he promises to not watch any season finale of any show without her. (I don’t know any friends who would do that for their girlfriends)

He also promises to keep fit for her and she tells him in the cutest way that he doesn’t need to. Virat then, in all seriousness, promises to take care of her and she blushes, oh so, adorably says she will too.

Check out the ad- 

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