15 Vintage Bollywood Memes Are So Hilarious They Are Sure To Make Your Day

There is the only thing better than Bollywood. Spoofing Bollywood. Lord knows, the industry has given us countless moments to make fun of. One Twitter account had the same idea.

A Twitter account called  makes memes out of iconic Bollywood moments with class.The on point caption makes it hilarious and hence highly addictive!

1.Faster than the speed of light

2.Selfie maine leli aaj

3.Finding a match on Tinder is tougher than finding matching socks after laundry.

4.No comments, my boss might be reading this

5.Give me a high-five if a drinkathon gives you a ‘different’ perspective on life

6.And they don’t care coz Club can’t handle them right now!

7.And you try not to shoot yourself with a more dangerous weapon than a camera.

8.Let the horror begin

9.There is no better feeling. Let me clarify that, NO BETTER.

10.When she be drunk, she be sloppy

11.When Rainbow meets Bollywood

12.When you love Pizza almost as much as breathing. #PizzaIsLife

13. Law abiding citizen and proud follower of Swacch Bharat

14.And you don’t know how to switch it off! #FML

15.Finding reason to live at the bottom of the glass is not always a good idea

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