Vintage Indian Advertisements That Will Make You Go WTF!

Advertisements are the way companies sell products. And they are also the reflection of the society. If you want to understand the culture of any place, just go through the advertisements.

Advertisements are the link between the supply and demand. Some we can’t unsee, some that force us to buy a product and some that leave us confused.

These marketers have done anything and everything they can to make the potential customer’s eyes stick. They mirror the thinking of the society that eventually buys the product.

And advertisements are a great way to judge what the psychology of the society has shaped up like.

We are pretty sure that the censor board would want to censor these! There are weird, offensive, and hilarious at the same time.

#1 This oh-so-patriotic hair oil!

Source: The Citizen

#2 Are you tingling yet?


#3 Just why?

Source: The Citizen

#4 Cadbury being punny

Source: The Citizen

#5 Use Cock Matches and a dancer shall appear!

Source: The Citizen

#6 Prestige is the leisure every housewife needs

Source: The Citizen

#7 Dilip Kumar pickles, anyone?

Source: The Citizen

#8 You are made for each other because of cigarette logic!

Source: The Citizen

#9 Because you can say it is a toilet soap and still use it in an ocean

Source: Scontent

#10 Gabbar ka bhi favorite hai yeh!

Source: India Forums

Which one annoyed you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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