After Varun Dhawan’s E-Challan, Twitter Asks Mumbai Police To Take Action Against These Guys

Tera dhyaan kidhar hai, tera VIP culture idhar hai…

VIP culture in India has become one of the biggest downsides to the ambition of our middle class. We look up to the rich and the powerful in our society and want to become one of the ‘elite’ at some point of time in our lives.

This often leads to hero worship where this elite group of people are allowed to do whatever they please with little to no consequence.

We’ve already told you about Varun Dhawan’s run-in with Mumbai Police.

It’s not the fact that Mumbai Police sent a challan to Varun Dhawan, it’s the fact that Mumbai Police chose to announce their disapproval publicly. Nothing but respect for the Mumbai Police.

Here’s what Mumbai Police tweeted to Dhawan:

Dhawan replied to this tweet:

Twitter users were quick to point out that this blatant disregard for traffic rules is deeply rooted in the celebrity culture of India.

They’ve pointed it out with their tweets:

But then Salman bhai dil mein aate hain, Police ke challan list mein nahi aate.

Waah Modiji waah!

An insignificant man should be a significant challan.

But Ranveer Singh toh quirky hai. 🙁


Don’t you think we should judge our celebrities by the same rules that are applicable for us as well? Share your opinions with us in the comment section!

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