Here’s Why Students Of DU’s Hindu College Tie Condoms On A Tree On Valentine’s Day

Delhi University operates in extremes. You’ll find people who are really into academics or those who want to do something with their extra-curricular societies. You’ll either find seasoned socialists or those who are ready to beat up their classmates over politics.

For a student from the University of Delhi, Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily equate to love as much as it does to an annual trip to Hindu College to worship Damdami Mai. Students get together in groups and tie condoms full of water to a famous ‘Virgin Tree’.

No one can tell exactly when the tradition of the Virgin Tree puja started, but the Virgin Tree has existed with its matchmaking powers at least since the ’70s, as students believed they would find ‘the one’ under it.

Over the years, a puja and a deity were added, and after objections from women students over ‘objectifying women as Damdami Mai‘, a male actor joined her last year, who, this year, has been christened the Love Guru.

Virgin tree is decorated with balloons ,ribbons and water filled condoms. A proper puja is conducted by the hostellers of the college with Mr. Fresher being designated as the priest. He is given a proper dhoti to wear and then he conducts the puja and then recites the aarti.


For this year’s Virgin Tree puja, the third-year students of the boys’ hostel have picked Jacqueline Fernandez as Damdami Mai, the reigning deity of their Valentine’s Day puja. Joining her is Ranveer Singh as the ‘Love Guru’ for girls participating in the puja.

Students from all across the University of Delhi flock to this legendary tree at Hindu College. There’s an entire ‘aarti’ planned, after which, students fill condoms with water and tie them to tree.

According to DU folklore, every single guy who hangs a condom at that tree happens to lose his virginity within the next six months or manages to date his crush within that period of time.

Why does it exist? Nobody knows. Does it seem fun? Extremely. While some might call it an act of desperation and insanity, the hostel students call it tradition.

Virgin Tree

What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? Keep it clean if you want to let us know in the comments below.

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