10 Of The Most Unusual Vending Machines In The World

Most people use vending machines to get themselves a can of coke or at the most, a packet of chips to pass the time at airports. But some geniuses out there dared to think beyond these ordinary choices and do something new.
The result?

These extraordinary machines that dispense the most unusual (yet wonderful) of things!

1. Medical Face Mask Machine

Popular especially during the bird flu outbreak, these machines in Taiwan dispensed medical face masks to customers. We could sure use these in Delhi huh?


2. Live Crab Machine

To keep them alive and fresh, this vending machine in Nanjing, China maintains an internal temperature of 41F and will actually compensate you if you receive a dead one.


3. Baguette Machine

The French take their bread seriously, and there can be no further proof of this than this vending machine.  Operational at any time of the day, the bread is partially cooked before being loaded into the machine that finishes baking it as per order and costs approximately $1.30.


4. Gold Machine

In places like the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi, customers can purchase gold straight from a vending machine. Yup. You read that right.


5. Curry Machine

On the island of Shikoku, there’s a  30-year-old vending machine selling tantalizing homemade meals. All you have to do is insert 300 yen into the machine, and you get a package of steaming white rice and curry.
Its owner, Tadashi Yoshimoto, grows the rice just down the road on his own farm and takes care to restock the machine several times a day.


6. Emergency Flats Machine

You’ll understand the need for this vending machine only if you’re someone who can’t give up on high heeled shoes for a night on the town. Lucky ladies in California and Las Vegas can slip into the soft, comfy shoes dispensed by this machine while stashing away their stilettos in the bag that comes with it. The flats are sold by Canada-based Save Our Solez and retail for $14.99.


7. Human Hair Machine

The hair extensions, used to enhance and elongate a woman’s locks, range from $60 to $250 a pack.


8. Cupcake ATM

These 24-hour Cupcake ATMs, located in Beverly Hills and Chicago dispense Sprinkles cupcakes that cost $4 each.


9. Pecan Pie Machine

This machine at the Berdoll Pecan Farm in Cedar Creek, Texas, is serving up freshly baked pecan pies for $17.50, 24 hours a day.


10. The (Medical) Marijuana Vending Machine

Created by Arizona-based American Green, these age-verifying, climate-controlled, self-service dispensaries called “ZaZZZ,” allows customers can buy cannabis the same way they buy a Snickers candy bar or can of soda, though medical marijuana cards are required to enter the centres.


Which one of these do you wish was around the corner?

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