Aligarh Muslim University And Banaras Hindu University Asked To Remove The ‘M’ And ‘H’ From Their Names!

We claim to be a country that is secular but the recent controversies that we have been facing are not in alignment with our secular approach. With the heat of communalism that is ever rising, a government audit of Central Universities has suggested Aligarh Muslim University and Banaras Hindu University to drop ‘Muslim’ and ‘Hindu’ from their names in order to reflect a secular character.


Both the Universities are known to be the two of the finest institutions in the country and have had a rich legacy. The suggestion is contained in an audit of AMU by one of the five committees set up by University Grants Commissions (UGC). The audit did not cover BHU but did mention its name in the report.


During the audit of AMU, the committee suggested that the name of the institution should either be changed to ‘Aligarh University’ or be named after its founder ‘Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’. The same was advised for Banaras Hindu University as well.

The report also mentioned about the ‘inbreeding’ that takes place in the Universities where the institutions appoint their former students as faculty. The panel recommended a five-year-gap for all the ex-students before they can be appointed as teachers.

The panel also recommended the Universities to raise their tuition fee in order to improve the infrastructure and raise more resources internally.

What do you think about changing the names of these institutions? Will a change in the name REALLY reflect their secular approach? Let us know your views in the comment section!

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