8 Homes In The World That Are So Unique I Just Simply Had To Write About Them!

What makes a home? Four walls, a roof, and a family? These guys didn’t think so. They were willing to push the envelope of ordinary to create dwelling places so unique, they’re almost art.

Take a look for yourselves!

1. Transparent House, Japan

Built by Sou Fujimoto Architects, this 914 square-foot “House NA” offers plenty of daylight, but no privacy. If you say you have nothing to hide, try spending a night in this see-through house.


2. Seashell House, Mexico

This beautifully crafted seashell house was built and designed by Javier Senosiain and features smooth facades juxtaposed with a giant mosaic wall that lights up the living space in a stunning rainbow effect.


3. “The Flintstones” House, Malibu

Dick Clark’s one-bedroom, two-bathroom, free-form house with an interior made of wood and steel covered in concrete looks like it came straight out of Bedrock. To add to the “rock formation” look, the exteriors were created with scrubbed stucco and rocks. Irregular windows provide 360-degree views.


4. The Heliodome, France

This house is designed as a three-dimensional sundial that keeps the place cool during summer months, and warm in the winter, fall, and spring.


5. The “Hobbit” House, Wales

Using scrap wood, scavenged materials, and water from a nearby spring, Simon Dale, 32, armed himself with only a chisel, a chainsaw, and a hammer to create his sustainable family home. The hobbit hole was completed in four months at the cost of just £3,000.


6. Auto Residence, Austria

This car-shaped dwelling, built for a family of four by architect Markus Voglreiter in the town of Langwied, is surprisingly green. The house was built using a “3 litre” energy-efficient heating and insulation building system, which drastically reduces energy consumption.


7. Tiny House, Toronto

The builder and his wife lived in it for 20 years after he built it in 1912 in the space between two larger houses. The Tiny house has a pull out bed, kitchen, lounge room, and even a small backyard.


8. Casa de Pedra, Sao Paulo

The home of Brazilian gardener Estevao Silva da Conceicao is built using every kind of imaginable object in a style very similar to that of Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. He calls it the “House of Stone.”


Would you live here if you could?

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