10 Common Types Of People You Will Find At Most Indian Restaurants

We Indians love our food and are quite serious about it. Naturally, we take the choice of restaurant seriously. Any time you visit a restaurant you will notice certain idiosyncrasies. Indian people at restaurants are the funniest if you are keen at observing them, especially when they are around food. We

We desis have issues that are totally unique and can be resolved if we put our minds to it. At any point in time if you visit a restaurant these are the kinds of folks you will witness around you.

#1. Messy Eaters

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You could give them the tidiest table and plates and they will make a mess of it. They seem to have a perpetual problem of getting their surroundings untidy and clumsy with the food on their plate.

#2. The Unfinishers

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These people are the top reason for food wastage. Instead of eating with their mouth they eat with their eyes. Hence, they order a ton of food that will never be finished. These people have a special place in hell.

#3. Prissy Eaters

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Eating with etiquette is important. But some take their ‘food etiquettes’ too seriously. These are the same people who cut their rotis with knife and fork.

#4. Health Freaks

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There are people who like food and there are others who like to fight with it. These health freaks are party poopers when eating out. They count the number of morsels before eating and don’t really know how to enjoy food like normal people.

#5. Bhukkads

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There is that one Joey in every group. These people are ready to eat anything and anytime and in large quantities. Put a feast in front of them and they can demolish it in minutes. If you hate wasting food, be sure to drag them along, they are the dumping grounds for food.

#6. Mirchi Lovers

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These people love their spices, anything less than very spicy is as good as dessert. They carry their own set of condiments to make their food taste perfect ‘swaad anusaar’.

#7. The Customizers

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Oh how fussy these eaters are! If butter chicken is made with butter, they will ask for the butter to be removed. These people customize each dish they order and end up creating an entirely different dish in the process.

#8. The Diet Breakers

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We all know a friend who is on a ‘strict diet’ who does not believe in eating calories and carbs. When they see you gorging on some delicious fried food, of course, they want to just ‘taste it’ or just ‘have a bite’.

#9. Anything Goes

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These people can eat anything and everything. Give them the worst tasting food and they will still eat it without complaining. If you are thinking of taking up cooking as a hobby, they will be glad to be your taste-testers. Don’t believe their reviews though!

#10. Gharelu Eaters

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In the age of instant and junk food, finding these folks is tough. Gharelu eaters are those who compare everything with their home cooked food. They are probably too pampered by their moms and are often heard saying ‘nothing beats ghar ka khaana’.

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