Twitter’s Reaction To Zaheer-Sagarika Visiting A Temple Will Give You Hope For A Better India

Two well known human beings visited a temple.


What’s the big deal? No. Seriously. A man and his wife went to a temple, that’s it. This is amusing. But it is equally surprising that Twitterati isn’t going through the pains to troll this. The newly wedded couple visited the Mahalaxmi Temple in Kohlapur.

These are the positive tweets about their visit.

#1 Some hope?

#2 Well, that statement is extreme.

#3 Does have a point?

#4 Well, we agree.

#5 Kaafi sweet.

#6 Wow. Okay.

#7 Well.

We will never understand why it is a huge deal but okay. Thanks for the optimism, peeps.

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Shivani Ahuja

Finds poetry in the simplest things.

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