PM Modi Met Ivanka Trump In Hyderabad Last Night And The Memes Are Just GOLD

PM Modi and Ivanka Trump met at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit held in Hyderabad last night.


Ivanka Trump is in Hyderabad for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit and she used this opportunity to address the crowd and the media. PM Modi was also present at the event and their meeting was the highlight of the summit. There was #IvankaCheersChaiwala surfacing on Twitter timelines. We’re not surprised actually.

The saddening news here is that beggars were chased away from the streets and dogs were killed in Hyderabad. Because Indians give a thousand cents about what the daughter of the president of the States thinks about India and not even two cents about living beings, because make India great again, right?  

Anyway, this is what folks on Twitter had to say!

#1 Arrey arrey

#2 Well, he does have a point.

#3 We have nothing to say.

#4 Table kahan hai bhai?

#5 Okay, wow.

#6 This is the best.

#7 That was surprising though.

#8 Lol.

#9 The similarities are uncanny.

#10 It shall.

#11 Hahahahaha.

#12 Kaun hai bhai?

#13 Of course

Everything that’s wrong with the world is right in front of you.

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