Twitter Races To Troll Sonam Kapoor For Messing Up The Answer To The Triangle Riddle

Why do we keep expecting Bollywood celebrities to rival our intelligentia? Or to stop shooting endangered animals? Or be able to count?

Seriously, flawless beauty should be exempted from such trivial things.


But our cruel populace keeps piling on to our dearest performers, expecting them to resound with wit and humour and talent – all while maintaining the BMI of a slightly out of shape Olympian. And these unrealistic expectations have fallen once again on the shoulders of a y0ung Sonam Kapoor.

Actress, celebrity, fashion icon, businesswoman – designations that would ordinarily spare her from ridicule but not on Twitter.

In the last few days, a little brain teaser cropped up on the social media platform which Ms. Kapoor bravely tried to answer –

Now let us preface this by saying she was far from the only celebrity to totally mess up this question. Or the only person in general, but that didn’t stop every last troll from crawling out of the woodwork to have a go at her mathematical prowess.











We will be the first to say, we wouldn’t have got it either. But the answer for those who can’t be bothered to look it up on the internet is 18. At least Sonam was happy to own up to it.

And we’re sure all the people who trolled the young star have gone on to solve legitimate world problems with their unparalleled skill-set.

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