Netizens Share The Story Behind Their Names And It’s Going To Make You Feel Grateful About Yours

The famous bard, William Shakespeare once said “What’s in a name”, and people on Twitter took it upon themselves to answer this question! 


Our name is our first link to our identity and holds a lot of relevance in our lives.

While some of us happened to have cool parents who took the pains of coming up with wonderful names, there are some who remained stuck with the common ones for the rest of their lives.


Every name is a different story behind it and twitterati decided to share theirs and believe us, some of them are downright hilarious.

We decided to compile the best of tweets on how people got their names and when you’re done reading these, don’t forget to let us know how you got yours!

1) We feel you, Aditya!

2) Now that’s a smart father!

3) Parents and their logic!

4) A lot of parents thought the same, Shreya.

5) Ouch. We are sure he didn’t do it out hatred or maybe he did!

6) Oh, parents who were obsessed with Bollywood.

7) Now we certainly know you have very religious parents!

8) Wouldn’t really make a lot of difference if they did!

9) Let’s not ignore the ‘Har’ here.

10) Wee Uunderstand Aashish. Two is always better.

11) You could have been the face of Nirma detergent.

12) This guy deserves a cookie.

13) Aren’t you glad your sister’s best friend had a decent name?

14) Thotha wasn’t a bad option either, noh?

15) TanB, you happen to have very smart parents!

Well, I am happy with my name even though it was changed to a different one when I was three years old. Believe me, I still suffer from an identity crisis.

Which one was your favourite story and also don’t forget to share yours in the comment section!

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