First Time Ever Twitter Is Supporting Rahul’s View On Modi’s Gaurakshak Statement

Yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that killing people in the name of protecting the cow was “unacceptable” and went against the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. Modi’s remarks came a day after protests under the tagline ‘Not In My Name’ happened in various cities, with participants condemning the incidents of lynching in the name of cow protection, a week after Junaid Khan, a 15-year-old, was stabbed on a train in Haryana. But Rahul Gandhi wasn’t ready to let the government go so easily.

But Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi criticised the prime minister for taking a delayed stand against cow vigilantism. “Too little, too late. Words mean nothing when actions outdo them,” Gandhi said on Twitter.

And Twitter, for the first time ever, supported him.

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