MP CM Says “Madhya Pradesh Roads Are Better Than the US”. Twitter Says: NO

Nation wants to know, what is CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan smoking?!

Shivraj Chouhan
This was Shivraj Chouhan last year, getting lifted during MP floods.

If there is one truth about Indian infrastructure, it is this. Indian roads are shit. If they aren’t yet, give it two months and you will find craters everywhere. Shitty roads are India’s business model. We have shitty roads so that some powerful sections of the society can make more money off it.

For tax-payers , he motto is literally, “Paisa gaya khadde mai.”

Madha Pradesh CM, Shivraj Singh Chouhan made some shocking statements today about the state’s roads.

“When I got down at the Washington Airport and traveled on roads, I felt the roads in Madhya Pradesh are better than the United States,”

What the nation wants to know is, is there a secret roadway made only for Mr. Chouhan here, that aam aadmi have no access to? What is going on?

Baffled by his scandalous words, Twitter reacted to it with jokes. They needed to unburden their sorrows of having to travel on pitted roads. This is what they had to say.













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