Twitter Roasts CCD Over Cockroaches At Premises, Starts Movement #BoycottCCD

Seems like CCD tasted bitter flavor of its own coffee, with cockroaches on the side of course!

As per logic and law, if you are a restaurant or an establishment in a service industry, you need to adhere to hygiene standards. Especially if you have a popular presence in the country and if your audience is an opinionated bunch of youth.

CCD begs to differ. The staff instead of accepting the mistake chose a more violent path. As the customer was filming the cockroach infested state of the store, a lady staff of CCD slaps him right in the face.With the internet and cockroaches as the witness.

The customer, Arpan Verma, shared the incidence on his Facebook and it went viral. It generated lot of response and support from the online audience.But…what happens next is more baffling! The female staff from CCD lodges a complaint and gets Arpan arrested for harassment!

A mega corporation like CCD still is ‘looking into it’. The video was pretty clear, we think. The slow reaction of corporations sure make the public take a stand for such injustice.

As per latest news, the female staff was suspended and the Jaipur CCD outlet  was found locked.

The twitter was still breathing fire with a side of sarcasm and unleashed their own movement with #BoycottCCD

Here are some funny highlights from the twitter roast.











CCD proves a lot does happen over coffee. Spotting roaches, to slapping customers to uniting people with boycott.

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