TVF’s Tribute To Indian Soldiers Will Make You Fall In Love With Your Job

How many times do we ramble about our mundane 9 to 5 jobs? We are seldom happy with our bosses, spend half of the day under caffeine and our only worry is our appraisal. Yes, we struggle a lot, we work a lot, but we are rarely happy with our jobs. Now turn the face towards the borders where our Indian Army is all decked up to keep us safe.

They don’t have an air-conditioned cubicle like us, they don’t have their chai and sutta breaks and they definitely don’t have a fixed 9 to 5 job. Even bigger issue? They cannot blink an eye from their target to check their Facebook account!

TVF‘s spends a day with the soldiers of our nation and their latest video hits you hard for all that they do so that the nation, we, can sleep peacefully. And no wonder, we are actually giving our jobs a second thought and feeling truly blessed. Thank You soldiers!

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