7 TV Show Couples We Wish Had Never Gotten Together

We all have characters from our favourite TV shows whom we root for and ship.
The will-they-won’t-they romance is a tried-and-tested theme that’s been successfully employed by the entertainment industry for years.

As viewers, we loyally tune in season after season, hoping they’ll surrender to that undeniable, simmering onscreen chemistry they share with each other and get together already.

But sometimes, the chase is better than the prize, and sometimes, when two people who don’t belong are thrown into bed together, it makes it so uncomfortable that we almost want to throw away the remote.

Here are 7 such couples whose getting together very nearly ruined great shows.

1. Izzie And George, Grey’s Anatomy

They were like SIBLINGS! How could they?

2. Rachel And Joey, Friends

Here’s a couple that should have stayed in the friend zone. It was absolutely unnecessary and it came out of nowhere!

3. Aria And Mr. Fitz, Pretty Little Liars

When Ezra and Aria first meet at a bar, she knows that he’s a teacher, but assumes he works anywhere except her high school, and so they hook up.

Everyone makes mistakes right?

But then even when the 16-year-old Aria does find out he’s her teacher, they can’t seem to do the right thing and slide into an inappropriate and illegal romance anyway.

4. Dr. House & Cuddy, House

I’ll admit this made sense for a bit because Cuddy was the only person aside from Wilson who understood House. But when they did get together it was a DISASTER – and ended in one.

5. Barney And Robin, How I Met Your Mother

So the ultimate ladies man suddenly falls in love with the independent career woman his “Best Friend” chased after the whole show and they get married?

WTF were they thinking?

6. Jon And Daenerys, Game of Thrones

I’m sorry but how did shacking up suddenly become more important than the Great War or taking back daddy’s throne?

7. Lucas and Brooke, One Tree Hill

Lucas loved Peyton. He always loved Peyton. He didn’t even really like Brooke. He just got with her because she was coming onto him. Ughh.


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