9 Things We Noticed In The Trailer Of Padmavati That May Have A Deeper Meaning

Padmavati has been the talk of the country in the entertainment industry. From the time the shooting had started till now, people can’t just seem to get over it. And rightfully so! Sanjay Leela Bhansali is the master of cinematography. The way he tells us a story, the visualisations and the music in the background transports us to another dimension altogether!

He is known to be the hard taskmaster and perfectionist. He wants and demands the actor to go deep into the skin of the character and the movies show that very well. Ranveer was so much in the character of Khilji that he had to see a psychiatrist. When the trailer of the movie Padmavati was released, they got huge praise from the industry and since then it is the most watched trailer in 24 hours!

Padmavati trailer

Ranveer got emotional from the love he received that he wrote a lengthy Facebook post, thanking everyone. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart, to each and every one of you who has been generous in effusively showering love and appreciation for our trailer. To witness this avalanche of praise across the board is unprecedented and overwhelming. It’s very rare… and very, very humbling,” he wrote.

Padmavati Trailer

Most of all, let me just say that in the trailer, there were just two dialogues. Just two. The 3-minute trailer just showed us the whole story by the string of emotions and expressions. Amazing, isn’t it?

The trailer was loved by everyone and most of them were praising the actors’ hard work for the movie. Ranveer does look like a villain we should be afraid of and yet we can’t have enough of him. The romance of Padmavati and Ratan Singh has been captured so beautifully. But there are certain things that I noticed in the trailer that had deeper meanings.

1. The bride is covered on her way to the palace

In the starting scene of the trailer, we can see the newlyweds moving towards the palace. In the scene, you can see Maharana Ratan Singh and behind him, a woman but covered. It is/was a custom for the bride to hide her face. It is similar to Palkhi.

In the olden times, it was considered to be an ill omen if the bride was seen before her Muh Dikhai. (a ritual that happens when the bride reaches her in-laws’ place) Also, there is another reason behind it. At that time, usually, the wedding led to change of cities or states. So, there was a chance that someone would look at a bride with a wrong eye. The bride is usually decked up with jewellery and is the most beautiful. So in case, anyone got jealous or looked at the bride in the wrong way, there could be consequences.

2. Padmavati and fire

In the trailer, there have been scenes in which Padmavati is placed near the fire. I somehow feel that it could be a great foreshadowing technique used in there. We all know that the Queen had performed Jauhar.

3. Khilji likes to play with fire

While Padmavati worshipped the fire, Khilji liked to play with it. This can simply be seen as her vs him. The things that Padmavati liked or admired, Khilji either liked to cage it or play with it. Let me explain, if you actually go back to the real history, it is said that the Queen had a favourite parrot and they were considered best of pals and she did worship fire. In the trailer, we can see the sultan playing with it.

4. Khilji Vs Drogo

Padmavati actor Ranveer Singh’s resemblance to Drogo from the Game of Thrones series has not gone unnoticed. Alauddin Khilji and Drogo from the HBO series have many similarities – the perfect body, the rough garments that say that he has been away from his home since a long period of time and the untamed ruggedness that repels and at the same time reels the audience in.

But that’s not it. Apart from the physique and the makeup, there are more similarities. The scar telling about the wars he has won. He liked to play a little roughly. Also, they both fell in love with a woman who was completely opposite to them. We can also see the barbaric behaviour similar. The way they eat meat and party.

5. The Lotus

When I was looking through the posters, I found a hidden symbolism of lotus. It is believed that the Rajput were the direct descendants of Lord Brahma. The Lord is known to sit on Lotus.

So, we understand why we see Lotus in Chittorgarh Palace but I couldn’t help but notice how Khilji has been shown with lotus. It’s a representation of the desire and obsession Sultan has with Rajputs.

6. Khilji’s love for birds

Like I mentioned above, Rani Padmavati loved birds and in fact, she had a favourite parrot.  (It is said though there is no confirmation on that) In the trailer, we can see that the things Khilji likes, are caged. It is a representation of himself. We can say that he likes submissive and beautiful things that can be captured and put on for a show.

7. He is narcissist and loves drama

In the trailer, there are scenes in which we can see how much he loves himself. In this scene above, we can see that he likes to be considered as God and at the same time he wants people to worship him. In the another scene, we see that he watches himself in the mirror and kissing the reflecting image. Also, the lotus in hand shows his obsession.

8. Ratan Singh Vs Khilji

While movies and fiction romanticise Alauddin Khilji’s obsession with Rani Padmavati, he had a dark side that is hard to digest. Khilji was also a paedophile who bought child slaves and continued to exploit them; not an unknown practice in that era. But in the scene, you can rightfully see the madness in his expressions. While Maharana Ratan Singh is calm and composed, ready for the upcoming battle; we can see Khilji’s craziness. His villainous laughter with the eyes that speak of the terror that is yet to come.

9. The colour

The scene is probably the representation of a Rajput conquering him. Khilji looks defeated and the beauty for which he fought for is just now ashes.

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