Sex Toys For Beginners: Everything You Need To Know To Use These Handy Devices!

Even though the oldest known sex toy has been around for over a thousand years now, the mere mention of the word “dildo” still elicits giggles, a variety of interesting facial expressions, and at most times, quiet judgement.

Of course, we all have our own fears and blind spots when it comes to sex, so it’s understandable why the concept of these …adult entertainment devices can seem harrowing.

But here’s a little secret that I learned somewhere: Pleasure is part of the human experience and our bodies are designed for it.

It’s not even forbidden anymore. The world is opening up to sex toys, literally. There’s very little fear and a lot of fun involved.

To be honest, if you’re not savvy about sex toys, there’s a good chance you’re missing out.
But hey, maybe with the right information, you wouldn’t have to leave anything to chance. So here’s a crash course for you newbies!

Firstly, are sex toys only for women?

Nope. Sex toys can come in two categories: Self Pleasure and Shared Pleasure. So yes, there’s a toy for everyone. Men, women, and couples.

Did you say couples? Yeah, I did.

Anal plugs, paddles, clamps, blindfolds and stimulation toys are just some of the toys available that meant to be enjoyed in company.

But why do people with partners of the opposite sex need help in the bedroom?

Sex toys are not just an “add-on”. They’re a necessity for some because they can make all the difference between an orgasm and no orgasm.

They also enhance sex because users experience higher levels of desire, arousal, lubrication, and orgasms, and they add an element of novelty.

Wait. So they’re not just for sad, lonely people who have no human partners?

No! Using one on your own though is a great opportunity to get to know your body and what you like. That way you’re more confident in company!

So does using one with a male partner threaten his ego?

Men, I get it. There’s nothing more emasculating than seeing a large, perfectly crafted penis in the room that’s not yours but hey, that doesn’t mean she isn’t getting enough from you. You’re the real deal!

What kind of products should we be looking at to be sure of high quality?

Always opt for body-friendly materials like silicone or glass as these are typically long-term investments.

Speaking of long-term, how do you keep them clean?

A good anti-bacterial soap. If you don’t feel comfortable drying them in the open, use a clean towel. Or use condoms on your toys. And try not to share unless you clean your toys thoroughly.

After all, sex toys are supposed to make good sex lives better, not worse!

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