Forget Jab Harry Met Sejal – These Toothbrushes Have A Far More Romantic Story To Tell

Guys, you know how you use your toothbrushes each morning? Without ever thinking about their feelings? Without ever realizing they might not want to be in your filthy, filthy mouths.



Toothbrushes have lives far beyond what we can understand. They love, laugh and have meaningful relationships, which is something you should definitely think about before you rub them up against the back of your booze soaked tongue.

If you still won’t believe us, you have to check out this touching love story Gina and George Brush. Posted by the Imgur user Daqonium on Snapchat. 

George approaches Gina, with fear coursing through his heart…


Gina has a feeling she knows where this is going, but does she dare hope?


George can barely get the words out as he trembles, too afraid to admit to his passion.

Toothbrush 3

Gina can’t begin to comprehend. They’re just two toothbrushes who’re friends…


Finally, George admits his deepest secret.



Gina’s heart leaps with joy. But with that joy, she is afraid, afraid that they might not yet be able to make it…


At long last, the two lovers unite in passionate embrace, together forever


Romance is not just for the silver screen, it’s not just for happily ever afters. It’s for those small moments which with the right toothbrush/person, can last forever…

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