Tired Of Reading On Hrithik- Kangana Controversy? Here Are 10 Things You Can Read Instead!

This Hrithik – Kangana controversy is getting out of hand. It is all over the place!

Maybe you are a Bollywood fan but not that big a fan to keep updated with controversies. Here is the thing about Bollywood controversy. They can be an overkill if it goes on for too long. As one such fraction of the audience who gives no hoots about it, I am actively uninterested in this controversy. For a simple reason – it is gossip and it does not affect my existence in any way possible.

If you too fall in the same category, high five to you as well! If you are tired of the Hrithik-Kangana controversy popping up on your social feed, I have something for you.

Here are some silly things you can read instead of clicking on another article about this he said-she said fiasco and be ever so blissfully ignorant.

#1. Read the last message you sent as drunk text

giphy (43)

All of us have sent them! Admit it. Now you can check your inbox and be embarrassed all over again!

#2. Horoscope

giphy (44)

Some people think it is utter crap. You can either believe these people or choose to be a rebel and just read your horoscope today!

#3. Any book

giphy (45)

Okay I get it, it might take ages to finish one. But! You can totally read an instruction manual lying around your house!

#4.The forwards your mom keeps sending you

giphy (48)

Let us all admit it, all of us take our moms for granted. Today, shower her with attention and acknowledgment for sending you forward messages, persistently – by reading them! And also thank her for it.

#5. Facebook status of that friend who keeps traveling abroad

giphy (47)

Other times you might hate that jerk who keeps traveling abroad and posting amazing pictures of Greece and Brazil and other fancy places you cannot afford. The only place I visited this year was Bhayandar. Not even funny. So instead of reading shitty Bollywood gossip, try to objectively read this friend’s travel diaries and leave positive comments, you never know if you can win a free trip someday!

#6. A menu card

giphy (49)

When was the last time you read a menu card – end to end? From the appetizer section to the desserts? Most important thing is to read the Bar menu as well, they are pretty neat!

#7. Aadhar card



Read the details on your Aadhar Card and confirm if the person in it is exactly you or your alter ego. Alter egos cannot hold the same Aadhar card, as per my lacking expertise. They look and sound different than you. Or you can totally look at your Aadhar Card and cry at how ugly you look, thereby becoming ugly while seeing your ugly mug. That’s meta! (let’s be honest most of us are uglier on the inside as well).

#8. The science of black hole and how everything in life is completely meaningless and ends in death

giphy (51)

True story. I would explain more but it is an exercise in vain.

#9. Try to read the person sitting across you in public transport

giphy (53)

Guys, this person across me is looking completely annoyed with me. She is trying to decide if I am a regular creep or just people watching. What should I do?

#10. The Obituaries


Death is not funny. I agree. BUT! Some obituaries are!

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