Tiger Zinda Hai Looks Awfully Similar To This Famous Video Game Franchise

Thoda sa inspiration, thoda sa perspiration aur ban gaya superhit Tiger ka zindadil formula.

Tiger Zinda Hai finally revealed the much anticipated trailer and with that, you could hear a huge roar from  countless bhai fans. It was a field day for a lot of us bhai fans who can’t wait to see Salman bhai kick ass and look cool while he does it.

Having seen the thoda-zyaada-cool trailer for over 50 times now, we had an epiphany last night. The trailer looked like something that we had previously experienced.

A cool special agent who rides horses into battle, look very fucking cool while doing it, has an extremely competent female side-kick and saves hostages; that’s something that is so predominant in a legendary game series called Metal Gear Solid.

When it comes to great filmmakers, one refers to Hitchcock, Kurosawa, Lynch, Tarkovsky, and Spielberg. In terms of gaming, one refers to Hideo Kojima. Metal Gear Solid is his brainchild.

The protagonist of this franchise is named Solid Snake. He is a rag-tag special agent who specialises in a special hand-to-hand combat system called CQC (which is Salman punching people).


Salman bhai doing Bhai things #JustBhaiThings:

Here’s one of his famous dialogues: “Kept you waiting, huh?”. This can be loosely translated to “Swagat nahi karogey hamara?”.

In Tiger Zinda Hai, Salman Khan’s character is a desi-Snake.

Just look at them riding their horses into battle.

Is it surprising that Metal Gear Solid has someone named Big Boss and Salman Khan hosts Bigg Boss? That should have been the first clue, right?

Just like Snake has a female side-kick, Salman has one in Katrina. In Metal Gear Solid V, there’s a character named Quiet who kicks ass and can shoot the wings off of a fly. That’s pretty much everything we know of Katrina Kaif’s character as well.




Just look at these gifs of Quiet and Katrina kicking ass.

Thoda zyada inspiration, no?

A larger section of Metal Gear Solid is about conducting rescue operations. Snake has to infiltrate bases with the help of Quiet to save hostages from a private army that threatens to destroy the world.

You want one more clinching fact about the similarities between Salman and Snake? There’s a Revital-esque capsule in Metal Gear Solid as well and it’s called pentazemin.

The similarities between Tiger Zinda Hai and Metal Gear Solid are definitely very weird but we’re certain that not a lot of inspiration was taken. Because then they will need to write a decent story for TZH and that is not what one expects from a Salman movie.

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