Twitter User Exposed Step-By-Step How The Aadhaar Data Can Be Breached By Anyone

Aadhaar Card has been a hot topic of discussion ever since it was conceptualized under the UPA government. Our honorable PM, who was once opposed to the idea of this card, has now taken it upon himself to make it mandatory for every citizen.

Recently, there has been an uproar over the security breaches that have put UIDAI under the scanner. Today, a Twitter user has put up a tutorial on this.

He starts by putting out the fact that a stolen mobile phone can be rooted to gain access to someone’s Aadhaar details

He talks about the error message that pops up when you try to access Aadhaar’s mobile app on a rooted phone:

Aadhaar’s developers have used three techniques to check if a phone is rooted or not.

But they haven’t considered the chance where a hacker can actually bypass. Here’s how they’ll do it. He mentions the code on which the app functions.

By changing the value of a variable (which was used for the emulator by the developers), you can bypass the check.

Here’s exactly what you need to do to change that value.

To add insult to the injury, it’s also mentioned that they could have easily sorted this issue but they probably didn’t think of it.

The concept of white hat hacking is still a little unknown in our country. Let’s hope that with vigilant hackers like these, the government will learn to be humble and not peddle their Aadhaar card to every citizen. It’s time to correct our mistakes, not be stubborn about them.

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