This Stand Up Comedian’s Tale Of Studying In A Govt School Will Take You Back To Childhood

Siddharth Dudeja is the freshly minted comedian in the world of stand up comedy. What’s different about him is his ‘no care in the world’ demeanor, unlike the ‘happily ever after’ faces of other comedians, that instantly makes us feel less guilty for not being super energetic throughout the day! Also, is the talent behind that face that keeps on churning ‘homegrown’ jokes that we can instantly connect to.

So for those of you who grew up thinking ‘anonymous’ was a poet and are  struggling millennials trying to fit into the ‘BuzzFeed’ debates about all the ‘-isms’ in life, right from capitalism to nepotism, here is a fresh breath of air, that definitely makes your mid-week crisis a little more bearable! So watch for yourself and have a hearty laugh! Also, do not miss the video description!

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