This Short Film On Old Monk Will Remind You Of Better Times With Your Friends

Old Monk is not merely a drink, it is a religion. There are two kinds of people in this world, who swear by Old Monk and those who don’t appreciate it.

It is not just about drinking alcohol. Old Monk brings back the memory of chilling with your friends when you were too broke for serious liquor. It brings back the nostalgia of simpler times of sitting with them and enjoying pointless conversations.

This short film on Old Monk starring Sanjay Mishra describes the beauty of it. In the film, Sanjay Mishra enjoys a few pegs with his friend and in a drunken ramble has the most entertaining conversation.

That’s the thing about alcohol and talking, you form better bonds with people and end up talking about things that really matter – which you wouldn’t talk when sober.

Watch the film below.

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