This Man Teaching English Grammar Rules While Dancing And Singing Is Winning The Internet

English is a very funny language. While many can talk in English and walk in English effortlessly, there are millions who struggle to understand even the basic grammar rules! And why not, the language has no bar when it comes to rules and each one of them is contrary to the other. Even we sometimes have no clue why the language behaves so illogically sometimes. But we all know that a good teacher can make everything look easy and understandable. Things become interesting when teachers add a pinch of entertainment to it. Just like this English teacher who is waltzing his way to teach his ‘otherwise’ bored students some English.

Through a class of ‘letter writing,’ the teacher is singing and shaking a leg as he puts some basic rules of English into his curriculum. Though it seems like a session of rote learning, we are simply going nuts over his moves and his overall strategy! The video has been posted by WittySide on their Facebook page.

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