[Watch] How A Bollywood Song Saved This Couple’s Marriage From Falling Apart

Sure, I would too want my spouse to sing for me. But not at a Police Station, bro.


Well, Indians love keeping it filmy. We can’t stay without drama, can we? There are instances when we too feel the urge to get up and sing on the table but we never do. Indians ke khoon mein hi drama hai.

A few months ago, a couple in Jhansi was quarreling for a few months and the wife went to the police station to lodge a complaint against the husband.

The husband just broke out into a song and bro, sab theek ho gaya, apparently. Kuch bhi na, matlab? The wife looks overwhelmed rather than anything else.

Anyway, so the Public Relations officer, Delhi Police tweeted this:

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Shivani Ahuja

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