This Is How You Choose The Safest Seat When Travelling Through These 6 Means Of Transport

Be it the routes on the road, a flight, a ship or even a train, there will always be certain seats that make you most vulnerable to damage, in case an accident happens. So how do you know which seat is the safest? Here, we illustrate these 7 vehicles and show you the most dangerous and the safest seat when an accident occurs.

The safety of these seats has been determined on the basis of loads of statistics and research. So from now onwards, make sure you choose a safe seat, because prevention is better than cure!

1. Car

Almost all of us travel by car on regular basis. It is one means of transport that is simply unavoidable. Even if you book a cab, you end up in a regular 5 seater car on an average basis! Whether you are driving or not, despite the fact that your seat belts are right in place, some seats would suffer more damage than others.


  • Safe Seats:

The seat right behind the driver and the seat next to that.

Dangerous Seats:

  • The seat right next to the driver is the most dangerous. During any accident, the driver will try to duck making the one next to him most vulnerable to collision.

2. Mini Bus

Usually, kids travel through minibus to schools. Also, the minibus is the first option when we choose road trips with a group of friends.


Safe Seats: 

  • Most travelers prefer to choose a seat in the direction of the travel. However, seats that are against the direction are safest as there are fewer chances to hit your head at the back of the seat.

Dangerous Seats: 

  • The seats next to the driver are always dangerous.
  • All the seats next to the windows are dangerous as the mirrors can break and hurt you.

3. Local Bus

Though it would be a miracle if you actually get a seat on the local bus, even in the local bus there are seats that would be more unsafe as compared to others.

safest seat

Safe Seats: 

  • Seats in the middle of the cabin with their backs opposite to the direction of travel.
  • Seats in the isle to the left side are also safe as they will not face the ongoing traffic to their sides, which lessens chances of collision from that side.

Dangerous Seats:

  • All the seats at the right side, behind the driver’s seat as they will face the traffic by their side, going to the right.
  • The seats in the first two rows and those by the driver’s side as they will face all the shattered glass and fragments.
  • The seats at the end of the bus in case of a collision from behind.
  • Seats next to windows or the door are the most unsafe.

4. Airplanes

Though in case of the airplanes, the damage is usually borne by all the passengers, but still, some seats are less prone to damage than the other.


Safe Seats: 

  • All the seats at the back of the airplane are fully safe since airplanes will usually have a head on collision.

Dangerous Seats: 

  • The seats at the front of the airplane are the most unsafe since they will suffer the maximum collision.

5. Trains

For all the people who transit through trains on a daily basis, it is always helpful to have a fair idea of which seat and who bogey to choose to be on a safer side.


Safe Seats: 

  • The bogey in the middle is the safest in cases of derails, fires etc since people have ample amount of time to find out the accident and create a solution.
  • Seats in the middle of the carriage are the safest as there are fewer chances that you will fall down in case of sudden brakes.

Dangerous Seats:

  • When it comes to bogeys, the bogey right next to the engine and the last bogey is the most vulnerable to damage as they will derail first.


6. Ships


Safe Seats:

  • Seats and cabins on the deck or closest to the deck as the upper part of the ship is the last to sink.

Dangerous Seats: 

  • The lowest cabins as they are flooded first in case of a hole and it’s most difficult to call for help.

While choosing the right seat can make a lot of difference in keeping you safe, you also must follow the traffic rules, wear the seat belt when required and drive consciously. Also, do not drunk drive or rash drive because you are not in control of your life but of many others too on the road as well as in the vehicle. Drive safe! Travel Safe!

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