Agents Reveal Just How Much The Industry’s Top Porn Stars Get Paid

We would usually think that a job that requires one to be naked and actually have sex with someone on camera gets you a lot of money in return. We did a little digging and according to these leading agents of adult actors, this is actually not the case.

Derek Hay, the founder of LA Direct Models, talked to The Independent, about the pay scale of porn stars, which is also a part of his daily job.

According to Derek, there is no fixed pay for porn stars, and it majorly depends on what they are willing to do. Usually, a female performer enacting a scene with a male performer earns around $1,000 (£800). A scene between two women would get both around $700-800 (£550).


The amount paid can increase significantly if the performer performs the task/scene for the first time, as the studios usually increase the pay scale to incentivize the actresses.


Scenes where a girl has anal sex for the first time, first scenes with four to five men, first interracial scenes are often paid in premium rates. In case the studio wants a particular girl to act, they can even take the pay up. When we talk premium rates, a woman enacting her first anal scene can be paid between $2,000 to $6,000.


However, what seems surprising is that interracial acts also are paid for in premium rates. Enacting a scene with another race is still a big taboo in the porn industry and raises a question mark.


Also, while there are a lot of industries where wage gap between men and women is wide, the porn industry is an exception, when it comes to being women-friendly. Actresses in the porn industry are paid much more than men. Though, the age limit for men being welcomed in the industry is clearly more than women which kind of again, puts women is a discriminated situation.

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