This Guy Recreates Film And TV Characters With A Budget Lower Than Your Standards

Cosplay is this amazing art where you can dedicate time money and energy towards feeling like your favourite characters.


It’s a skill that has to be honed over time but without the million dollar budgets that movie and animation studios tend to have. Men and women from around the world flock to multiple events to show off their skills each year. Some with almost perfect recreations of totally outlandish characters.


But nobody is as adept at doing this than low-budget cosplay guy – Saengchart. He first got the idea when he was working at an old age home and found some basic supplies which he used to recreate characters and amuse the residents at the home.

He posts his creations on Facebook and we’ve picked out the absolute best of his wonky but insanely creative interpretations.

#1 Captain America has seen better days

#2 Hail Hitler and his socket of anti-Semitism

#3 Stunning

#4 The Flash F***ing Hates Arsenal

#5 … this

#6 His Heart Will Go On

#7The Little Mermaid’s Crippling Hangover

#8 Why So Serious?


#10 Oddly, Deadpool would approve


#12 The Terminator has never looked better

#13 A stroke of genius

All images have been sourced from the official Lowcostcosplay Facebook page. 

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