This Page Uses Pictures Of Taimur Ali Khan To Talk About India’s Serious Issues

As a democratic country, it is amazing how we sideline important issues by taking offense with Padmaavat or fawning over pictures of Taimur Ali Khan.

This page seems to get the idea correctly. It is wise and knows how media distracts our attention from real issues by creating random controversies or by excessive celebrity coverage. Is anyone talking about the inefficiencies of the current government when we have more ‘important issues’ like banning a film based on a fictional queen? No, we aren’t!

The page, Pictures Of Taimur Ali Khan To Distract You From Real Issues hopes to talk about real issues affecting the country’s progress by luring the audience with adorable Taimur Ali Khan pictures.

The captions on them are on point!

Here are few examples of the posts made by the page for the noble cause of awareness.














Rising fuel prices, increasing number of rapes across the country, unequal distribution of wealth are just handful of issues that we need to address. But why care when you can click on one more adorable photo of Taimur Ali Khan doing toddler things from your social media feed.

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