This Chennai School Has An Odd Holiday Homework But It Is Not For The Students

When I was in school, there is nothing I detested more than homework – especially Holiday homework. Holiday homework meant finding time amidst all the fun and jot down notes and studying. SO BORING! I’d rather go out and play with my friends. Understandably, I wasn’t the only one who hated it.

One Chennai school followed the trend of holiday homework but they did something different.

Instead of assigning essays and various chapters as homework, they assigned a to-do list for the parents. As a proof, the assignment includes photos of all these activities.

The list is a sweet one. It aims to reconnect kids with their parents and have a good family time. Some of these activities are meant to teach a lasting life lesson.

All this should be a part of a child’s life as a default, but it is sad that this needs to be said. In a world that is moving faster, we do lose the art of having a meaningful conversation with our loved ones.

We could check some of these items from the list and have an honest moment of talk and connection with our parents.

Whoever wrote this list needs to be commended. They are definitely social media savvy as well. This image went viral.

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